Body and Soul Character Descriptions

Frank Conroy
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Ivan Andrews - This character is a student at the Bentley School and a close friend of the main character.

Senator Barnes - This character helps the main character keep a building from being torn down.

Dewman Fisk - This character is a child molester.

Mildred Fisk - This character is stricken with hysterical blindness when a child elopes.

Peter Fisk - This character plays the violin very well but has no real love for music. This character eventually commits suicide.

Mr. Fredericks - This character is the best Mozart pianist in the world.

Mr. Frescobaldi - This character is a world famous violin player who introduces the main character into the world of professional music.

Al Johnson - This character is the black custodian who befriends the main character.

Maestro Kimmel - This character allows the main character to practice on a very special and...

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