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Essay Topic 1

We learn about Beryl Madison and her fears first through her own writing and then through Kay's investigation of her murder. Describe Beryl's personality and fears through the eyes of Beryl and through Kay.

Essay Topic 2

Mark James comes back into Kay's life suddenly after 15 years. What are Kay's mixed emotions about Mark as she continues to work with him? Do Mark's actions and behaviors help or hinder Kay's feelings? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

After Kay collects trace evidence for the murder of Beryl Madison, Joni Hamm runs a preliminary analysis and briefs Kay. What does Kay learn, and how significant is the knowledge early on in the investigation? Is the information Joni supplies useful in the case, or do other events and evidence make a bigger contribution to Kay's ability to solve it? Provide reasons for your responses.

Essay Topic 4

Describe the similarities...

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