Body of Evidence Character Descriptions

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Dr. Kay Scarpetta

This perfectionist and workaholic individual in the medical profession who systemically solves a murder mystery while being subjected to dangerous events and situations.

Beryl Madison

This person is plagued with threatening phone calls, and dies an untimely death just after returning home from a trip.

Pete Marino

This individual works for the police department and pursues an important murder investigation.

Frank Ethan (Frankie) Aims

This person is a service worker with a stutter who is delusional and socially deviant.

Jim Barnes

This person dies as the result of a car accident on the highway after being fired from a social worker's job.

Thomas Ethridge IV

This individual warns the chief medical examiner that an ex-lover has been disbarred and is a felon.

Dr. Fielding

This person manages the preliminary forensics at the home of a murder victim and collects the body, the deceased person's personal...

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