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Carol Plum-Ucci
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Short Answer Questions

1. Why will Bo have to stay in jail over the weekend?

2. What was the fire that Torey saw in the cave?

3. What does Torey announce to Renee?

4. What does Ali ask Torey about herself?

5. Why does the principal grab Torey?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do Bo and Ali act the next day at school and how do the kids at school respond? How does Torey feel about their response?

2. Where is Torey after he is rescued from the burial grounds and what is he refusing to do? How are the doctors responding to his refusal?

3. What does Torey see after he broke his leg?

4. What does Mrs. Creed say to Torey and Ali's statements?

5. What happened during the confrontation between Alex and Torey?

6. Where do Torey and Ali find Mrs. Adams when they return to his house and what does she say?

7. What does Torey first see on his second trip into the burial grounds and what does he decide?

8. What does Ali again bring up as to what happened to Chris and what does Torey say about her idea?

9. Who calls Torey from school and what do they talk about?

10. What does Ali tell Torey about more of Chris's diary she had read?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The idea that Chris, the most unpopular boy in school, had a girlfriend is an interesting new development. Perhaps Chris was not the person Torey and everyone else believed him to be. This idea and the diary itself give Torey new insight into who Chris Creed was and new sympathy for him.

1. What do you think the idea of Chris Creed having a girlfriend might change the way Torey thought of him? Use examples from the book to support your answer.

2. Expand on the idea that no one is the person people think she/he is from the outside. Use ideas from the book and your own life to illustrate your points.

3. Why do you think Chris Creed's diary engendered sympathy from Torey? Use ideas from the book and your own life to support your answer.

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter 1, Torey compares the boy Leo to Chris Creed.

1. Why do you think Torey sees Chris Creed in Leo, from the amount of detail you've been given thus far.

2. How would you feel about someone doing what Leo did when he came in Torey's room? Would you have done something different than what Torey did? Why or why not?

3. Explain why you think Torey trying to keep Leo from seeing his email project.

4. Explain in detail about a student in your school who tends to be unpopular, why it is so and how others react to this person.

Essay Topic 3

Just as everyone predicted, Bo is taken into custody for the murder of Christopher Creed. Despite Torey's insistence that he made the phone call that Bo confessed to and Ali's attempt to confess about the note on the disk, the cops do not care. Again this goes to the theme of perception versus reality.

1. What do you think is meant by the last part of this statement?

2. Do you believe police in real life would ignore Torey and Ali's confessions? Explain in depth your reasoning.

3. How often in life do you think people's perceptions are false? Explain some situations in which that happens most often.

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