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Carol Plum-Ucci
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why are Ali's feet blistered?
(a) She walks home to avoid seeing other kids.
(b) She went roller skating with Bo.
(c) She tried a stunt she sees on t.v. of walking on coals.
(d) They are not blistered.

2. Where is Torey transfered after the hospital stay?
(a) To a mental health facility.
(b) To his home.
(c) To a children's group home.
(d) To a physical rehab facility.

3. What does Torey do in the basement?
(a) Takes a nap.
(b) Calls Bo surreptitiously.
(c) Picks up his guitar to play it.
(d) Meets with Ali to finish reading Chris's diary.

4. What does Torey begin to think about his friends?
(a) That they have his best interests at heart.
(b) That they are gossipers.
(c) That they are trying to get him into trouble.
(d) That they are shallow compared to Ali and Bo.

5. What makes Torey and Ali decide to find Isabella?
(a) They think she may have killed Chris.
(b) They think Chris may be with her.
(c) They want to find out what she looks like.
(d) They learn her last name.

6. Where does Torey tell Ali he has been?
(a) At the jail to visit Bo.
(b) In hell.
(c) To see Mrs. Creed.
(d) In the high school's basement.

7. Who comes into the cafeteria in the middle of lunch?
(a) Chief Bowen, a cop and Mrs. Creed.
(b) The principal and Mrs. Creed.
(c) Mrs. Adams.
(d) Chris Creed.

8. What about being raised in the boondocks is relevant to what Mrs. Creed is saying?
(a) That boons are no better or worse than any other group.
(b) That she knows several tough boons who can take out Bo.
(c) That she believes boons are capable of murder.
(d) That boons take care of their own.

9. What does Torey see when he is lying there with his leg broken?
(a) Nothing.
(b) A cave with three bodies.
(c) The Indian standing by Jesus.
(d) Ali and his mother.

10. What is Bo going to hide out in the woods?
(a) To find Chris's body.
(b) So the police cannot find him.
(c) So Torey can have Ali to himself.
(d) So Ali will feel sorry for him.

11. Why could the phone call that Torey made cause serious problems for Bo?
(a) It won't cause problems because the police know Torey made the call.
(b) Because Bo told the police he made the call.
(c) Because Bo made another call later to Mrs. Creed.
(d) Because Bo is being charged with murder.

12. What can Torey not get out of his head?
(a) His guilt in how he treated Chris.
(b) The image of how badly Bo is beaten.
(c) The idea that he actually killed Chris.
(d) He cannot get the memory of the body or the smell as the invisible fire engulfed it out of his head.

13. What do Ali and Torey learn from Isabella?
(a) That Chris was more infatuated with her than the other way around.
(b) That Chris was a much a loser to Isabella as to the kids at school.
(c) That Chris came there and told her he was going to San Jose.
(d) That Chris and Isabella plan to run off and marry.

14. What does Ali ask Torey about herself?
(a) If Ali should stop dating Bo.
(b) If Torey thinks she is a slut.
(c) If Torey likes the outfit she has on.
(d) If Torey thinks she is pretty.

15. Why is Bo arrested a second time?
(a) Because he hit the principal.
(b) For assaulting a police officer.
(c) For the fight with Renee.
(d) For the phone call Torey makes to Mrs. Creed.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is different about Isabella from what Chris writes in his diary?

2. Why are Ali and her brother going to stay at Torey's house for a while?

3. What is the main thing in Chris's diary that Ali reads further on?

4. What is the list they read in Chris's diary?

5. What does Torey realize about the boons?

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