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Carol Plum-Ucci
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Ali say Torey and she will have to do immediately if Ali's mom's boyfriend arrives?
(a) Have dinner.
(b) Take Ali's brothers to the park.
(c) Meet the boyfriend.
(d) Leave.

2. How does Torey feel about the possibility of Ali's boyfriend being a boon?
(a) He is disgusted.
(b) He is puzzled why she would do that.
(c) He is hurt that she would prefer a boon over him.
(d) It's fine with him.

3. How is Chris Creed described by his parents?
(a) As a shy, fearful boy.
(b) As a brilliant student.
(c) As a confused and angry young man.
(d) As a happy, well-adjusted kid.

4. What is Torey doing in the basement?
(a) Playing computer games.
(b) Writing a poem for Leandra.
(c) Writing a song.
(d) Petting the dog.

5. What is significant about the decor of Chris's bedroom, along with those of his two brothers?
(a) Each boy has been allowed to decorate any way he likes.
(b) There is nothing significant about the decor.
(c) They all live in the same bedroom and each has decorated his section differently.
(d) They are all decorated exactly alike, except Chris has two extra pictures in his.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who besides Bo Richardson has injured Chris?

2. Who does Leandra think wrote the note that Torey has?

3. What do Ryan and Alex do as they eat sandwiches?

4. What does Torey think is actually possible?

5. Where did the disk end up and then who found the disk?

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