The Body of Christopher Creed Fun Activities

Carol Plum-Ucci
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Choose a scene. Put it in drama form, cast characters from class and direct the scene.


Add a sequel to this book, perhaps when Torey and Chris meet in five years.


Write a diary entry for one week from the perspective of Bo.


Hold a mock counseling session between Torey and his doctor.

Ending Re-Write.

Rewrite the ending.

Real Estate Ad.

Write a real estate ad with detailed descriptions of the Indian burial grounds.

New Language.

Create a language that Chris Creed used in his diary.

ReWrite a Relationship.

Rewrite Ali and Torey's relationship so they are dating.

Rewrite a character.

Change the gender of one character and rewrite a scene from the book.

Mock Trial.

Hold a mock trial for Mrs. Creed.

Graphic Novel.

Take one chapter and create a graphic novel chapter based on that scene.

Song Writing.

Write a song that...

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