The Body of Christopher Creed Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Carol Plum-Ucci
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Essay Topic 1

In Chapter 1, Torey compares the boy Leo to Chris Creed.

1. Why do you think Torey sees Chris Creed in Leo, from the amount of detail you've been given thus far.

2. How would you feel about someone doing what Leo did when he came in Torey's room? Would you have done something different than what Torey did? Why or why not?

3. Explain why you think Torey trying to keep Leo from seeing his email project.

4. Explain in detail about a student in your school who tends to be unpopular, why it is so and how others react to this person.

Essay Topic 2

Torey listens to the Creeds ask for help finding their son, describing him as a normal, distracted teenager. This scene introduces a new element into Torey's world, a sort of unease that has never before existed for him. Torey takes it as any teenager would...

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