The Body of Christopher Creed Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Carol Plum-Ucci
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Chapter 1

• The novel is about a young boy, Torey Adams, and how his world is shattered when an unpopular boy in his school disappears.

• Torey Adams moves to a boarding school for his senior year of high school due to troubles after Chris Creed disappears.

• Torey explains that it is better at his new school because no one stares at him, and he can act like a regular kid.

• Torey emails someone named Alex Healy asks him if the name Chris Creed means anything and if it does to read the attachment.

• The document is regarding Chris Creed's disappearance two years ago.
• Torey wrote this document at the request of his doctor with the hopes it would provide him with some healing.

• He has not read it since he wrote it but sends it out to anonymous recipients.

• The e-mail goes on to explain what the disappearance of...

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