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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Bluish volunteer to do in the group?
(a) Accompany Dreenie.
(b) Do the internet research.
(c) Draw the pictures on the poster.
(d) Eat at five restaurants.

2. What is each group's initial task to be?
(a) Get their parents to help.
(b) Decide on a leader.
(c) Outline their agenda.
(d) Write up an agreement of who does what task.

3. What does Bluish show the class?
(a) A menorah.
(b) Pictures of a time she went to Europe before she was ill.
(c) Several tricks she has taught her dog.
(d) A dreidel.

4. Of what is Dreenie's teacher proud?
(a) Of the way the students have accepted Bluish.
(b) Of the way the students help Bluish.
(c) Of the presentations.
(d) Of the way the students planned the next outing.

5. What does Bluish tell the class at the beginning of Chapter 5?
(a) She and her mother made some hats.
(b) She is leaving school because of illness.
(c) She tells them the history of her illness.
(d) She is moving.

Short Answer Questions

1. One does Dreenie think of the tree?

2. About what does Dreenie worry unnecessarily?

3. Where does Bluish get stuck with a large needle?

4. What does Dreenie say Tuli is like?

5. Who acts awkwardly in front of Bluish?

Short Essay Questions

1. How do some of the students feel about Bluish?

2. What does Rita say to the girls about Bluish's nickname?

3. What does Bluish write on a sign she hangs around her neck and how does Dreenie help her with it?

4. What are Tuli, Dreenie and Bluish doing at Bluish's house?

5. What is the surprise in class that Dreenie springs on Bluish?

6. What does Dreena write about her time at Bluish's house with Tuli and Willie?

7. What is the class going to be starting in Chapter 4?

8. What does Mrs. Baker tell the students about Bluish's illness?

9. What does Bluish's mother bring the girls, and how does Dreenie describe Bluish's parents?

10. What does Dreenie's project group decide upon as their topic and who writes up their agreement and why?

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