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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. One does Dreenie think of the tree?
(a) It is too heavily decorated.
(b) It is lopsided.
(c) It is pretty.
(d) It does not look like a real tree.

2. What does Dreenie ask Ms. Baker about Bluish?
(a) If the class can take their presentations to Bluish.
(b) Why Bluish is out of class for several days just for a doctor's visit.
(c) What is wrong with Bluish.
(d) If Bluish can come on the next field trip.

3. Who is Granmom Gilla?
(a) Paula's grandmother.
(b) Bluish's grandmother.
(c) Dreenie's grandmother.
(d) Tuli's grandmother.

4. About what does Tuli complain?
(a) Her boring home life.
(b) Her little sister always pestering her.
(c) Dreenie getting to keep Bluish's dog all the time.
(d) Her three brothers' behavior.

5. What kind of soup does Granmom Gilla make?
(a) 12-bean.
(b) Split pea and ham.
(c) Lentil.
(d) Meat and potatoes.

6. What does Dreenie say Tuli is like?
(a) A bouncy squirrel.
(b) A cute little mouse.
(c) Beautiful like a model.
(d) Pooh bear.

7. What does Dreenie think about Bluish's home?
(a) She wishes they lived in SOHO.
(b) She does not express an opinon.
(c) She feels sorry for Bluish.
(d) She is overwhelmed.

8. What does Rita think of the name "Bluish"?
(a) She thinks it is cute.
(b) She misunderstands and thinks they are saying "Blewish."
(c) She is horrified.
(d) She does not understand the reference.

9. What does Bluish say when Dreenie calls her Bluish?
(a) That she is proud to have a nickname.
(b) That blue is not her true color.
(c) That she should dye her hair blue.
(d) That Bluish's mother does not like her to be called that.

10. What does Dreenie say that Tuli has?
(a) Dreenie's whole family.
(b) Her own room.
(c) Peace and quiet.
(d) Lots of siblings to play with.

11. With what is Dreenie feeling more at ease?
(a) The teacher.
(b) The differences between this school and her last one.
(c) Bluish.
(d) The kids in her class.

12. What is the symbolic meaning of the decoration Bluish brings?
(a) It represents that Bluish thinks an angel is watching over her.
(b) It represents the puppy she brings to class.
(c) It represents the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah.
(d) It represents her father's endearment to her--Princess.

13. What is the acronym of the disease Bluish has?
(a) ALS.
(b) CP.
(c) MLS.
(d) ALL.

14. What does Bluish tell the class at the beginning of Chapter 5?
(a) She tells them the history of her illness.
(b) She is moving.
(c) She and her mother made some hats.
(d) She is leaving school because of illness.

15. What is the cure rate for Bluish's disease?
(a) 40 percent.
(b) Almost none.
(c) 25 percent.
(d) 80-90 percent.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who accompanies the class on their next field trip?

2. What was the name of the Irish bar that Paula, Dreenie and others went inside?

3. Who is Rita that brings the girls cookies?

4. Who seems a natural to help out the wheelchair-bound Bluish?

5. Why is Bluish afraid of rough play?

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