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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Rita that brings the girls cookies?
(a) Bluish's mother.
(b) Bluish's grandmother.
(c) Bluish's aunt.
(d) The maid.

2. What worries one boy about Bluish's disease?
(a) If only Jewish kids get it because he's Jewish..
(b) If he can catch it.
(c) If very many children get it.
(d) If it can come back.

3. What do Dreenie, Tuli and Bluish pretend the visit to Bluish's home is concerning?
(a) A class project.
(b) Meeting and talking with Bluish's parents.
(c) Learning how to train the puppy.
(d) Seeing the puppy trained.

4. How does Bluish sound when she talks to the group?
(a) Like a normal ten year old.
(b) She barely speaks above a whisper.
(c) Squeaky and thin.
(d) Raspy.

5. With what does Willie want to play?
(a) Bluish's old Barbies.
(b) Bluish's younger brother.
(c) Bluish's gameboy.
(d) Bluish's puppy.

6. What is each group's initial task to be?
(a) Write up an agreement of who does what task.
(b) Get their parents to help.
(c) Outline their agenda.
(d) Decide on a leader.

7. Where does Bluish get stuck with a large needle?
(a) Shin.
(b) Femur.
(c) Collarbone.
(d) Hipbone.

8. Who is Lucky?
(a) Dreenie's uncle's nickname.
(b) Paula's cat.
(c) Bluish's dog.
(d) Dreenie's hamster.

9. About what does Tuli complain?
(a) Dreenie getting to keep Bluish's dog all the time.
(b) Her three brothers' behavior.
(c) Her little sister always pestering her.
(d) Her boring home life.

10. Why does Dreenie sometimes hang back and let Bluish guide her own wheelchair?
(a) So Bluish can feel in control.
(b) Bluish has fun popping wheelies.
(c) Sometimes the chair moves too fast for Dreenie.
(d) Dreenie doesn't know how to turn a corner.

11. What does Bluish ask Mrs. Baker to do when she sits back down in her chair?
(a) Have Dreenie take her to the girls' room.
(b) Send her to the nurse.
(c) Call her mother.
(d) Let her rest.

12. What does Natalie find disconcerting about what Dreenie says of class that day?
(a) That they made plans for a party.
(b) That they all made Natalie get well cards.
(c) That they each took turns using a wheelchair to see what it was like.
(d) That they discussed her.

13. What does Dreenie say Tuli is like?
(a) Pooh bear.
(b) A bouncy squirrel.
(c) A cute little mouse.
(d) Beautiful like a model.

14. What happens every time Bluish goes to the doctor's?
(a) The class worries.
(b) Bluish is out of class for several days.
(c) Dreenie goes with her.
(d) Dreenie takes Bluish's dog.

15. What do the girls feel about their project when class presentations are made?
(a) That theirs is the best.
(b) That several others were better.
(c) That they misunderstood the assignment.
(d) That theirs in the worst.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bluish tell the girls she can do?

2. How do many of the children in the class feel towards Bluish?

3. Who accompanies the class on their next field trip?

4. Why is Rita annoyed with Dreenie and Bluish's other friends?

5. What is the next field trip the class is going to take?

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