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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Dreenie write in her journal?
(a) To write about Bluish.
(b) To write about her parents' divorce.
(c) She does not say why.
(d) To write about the mean things her brother does.

2. What does Dreenie say about standing out in class?
(a) That Willie is so smart she stands out.
(b) That Dreenie is so tall, she stands out.
(c) That Bluish stands out in class.
(d) Nothing.

3. What causes Tuli to fall?
(a) The sidewalk is icy.
(b) She is busy trying to avoid Dreenie and Tuli.
(c) She runs into a boy coming out of the store.
(d) She trips over a raised crack in the sidewalk.

4. What does Tuli do when she spies Dreenie and Willie?
(a) Nothing; she is not around them.
(b) Turns around and walks in the opposite direction.
(c) Runs towards them.
(d) Waves at them as she enters a store.

5. What does Dreenie finally get after giving Willie and Tuli food and drink?
(a) A call from her best friend.
(b) A thank you.
(c) A call from her mother.
(d) Peace and quiet.

6. Why does Dreenie think Bluish's appearance is weird?
(a) Because of her pale skin.
(b) Because of her odd clothing.
(c) Because of her almost-white hair.
(d) Because she has an oxygen tube in her nose.

7. When does Tuli use this catch-phrase?
(a) When she can't remember the word she wants.
(b) When someone asks her an embarrassing question.
(c) All the time.
(d) When she does not want to speak to someone.

8. Why does Tuli sob in the bathroom one day?
(a) Another girl who really knows Spanish calls her on her bad language skills.
(b) Natalie's puppy bites her.
(c) Natalie confronts her and tells her how mean Tuli is.
(d) Natalie won't let Tuli pet her puppy.

9. Why does Dreenie want to go down to the apartment's lobby?
(a) To ask the doorman a question.
(b) To take the next-door neighbor's dog downstairs.
(c) To wait for her dad.
(d) To talk to a friend.

10. What does Deenie think of offering Natalie?
(a) Help with her chair.
(b) To walk the puppy.
(c) To walk home with her.
(d) To help her with her math.

11. How does Tuli speak?
(a) Loudly.
(b) In a whisper.
(c) Just normally.
(d) She hardly says anything.

12. What does Dreenie think about Tuli staying for dinner?
(a) She has not expressed an opinion.
(b) She doesn not want her to.
(c) She is indifferent.
(d) She would love her to.

13. About what do Dreenie and Willie argue?
(a) Who gets to spend the weekend with their father.
(b) Who gets to hold Natalie's puppy.
(c) Willie being boastful.
(d) Who gets to ride in the front seat of their mom's car.

14. What happens one day when Natalie parks her wheelchair?
(a) She falls out of the chair.
(b) The kids can barely get around her.
(c) She can't get one wheel to turn.
(d) She rolls over the puppy's tail.

15. Why does Natalie think that about the kids?
(a) They are always offereing to help Natalie.
(b) They avert their eyes.
(c) They push her around.
(d) They say mean things about her skin.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Dreenie hang around with Tuli?

2. Over what are Dreenie and Willie momentarily concerned?

3. What does Dreenie wish she had done differently?

4. How is Tuli acting?

5. What is the likely reason for Natalie's baldness?

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