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1. Who does Dreenie describe in her journal and what is her description of that person? What nickname do the children give her and why?

She describes the first time she ever met another girl named Bluish in her class. Her real name is Natalie, but all the kids call her Bluish because her skin is so sickly and pale that you can see the blue veins beneath the skin.

2. What makes Bluish different from other children, and who comes to school with her?

Bluish is confined to a wheelchair, and to Dreenie the girl looks tired all the time. Bluish is allowed to bring a puppy to school, which she cradles in her arms.

3. What kind of action does Bluish take to teach the other children about her?

Bluish parks her wheelchair right outside the classroom, so that kids have to squeeze around her in order to leave the classroom. Dreenie thinks about asking if Bluish needs help to move, but she does not ask. Bluish exclaims that she has put herself in the way so that the other kids are forced to look at her, as apparently everyone has been nervous around her and have been averting their eyes.

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