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New York City - The characters in the novel live in this modern city.

Broadway - This is the famed New York avenue known for its theater district, among other things.

Lucky - This is Bluish's puppy dog.

Knit Cap - Bluish wears this to cover her head that has become bald from chemotherapy.

Classic Eight - This is the name given to the elegant and expensive apartment Bluish lives in.

Kwanzaa - This is a holiday celebration of African heritage and culture that is held in America after Christmas.

Blue Morpho - This is the name given to a species of very large, very blue butterflies.

Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia - This is the disease that Bluish has.

Vivarium - This is an enclosed area in the history museum where visitors can interact with butterflies.

Dreenie's Journal - Throughout the time period of the novel, Dreenie keeps...

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