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Hat Day.

Have everyone wear on their head what they would wear if they were in Bluish's situation.

Wheelchair Day.

Bring a wheelchair to class and have students spend 30 minutes in the chair trying to do normal activities.

Drawings of Characters

Draw or find magazine pictures that represent your idea of the following characters: Bluish, Dreenie, Tuli, Willie, Dreenie's mother, Mrs. Baker, Max and Bluish's mother.

Book Review

Write a book review of "Bluish" for the New York Times book section.

Cover Art

Draw and create a computer-generated graphic of a cover design for "Bluish". Explain why you created that design.

Book Synopsis

Write a one-page synopsis of "Bluish" for the cover jacket. The objective is to convince people to purchase the book.

Play a Character

Have each student select a character from slips of paper in a bag and act as that character. Suggested characters: Bluish, Dreenie...

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