Bluish Character Descriptions

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She is the central character in the novel; the author allies the reader closely with her actions, thoughts, and feelings.


Her real name is Natalie, but all the children in class call her this due to her extremely pale skin that reveals the veins underneath.


Dreenie's best and (at the beginning) only friend at school.


She is Dreenie's younger sister by two years.

Ms. Baker

She is the teacher of Dreenie's class.

Rita Winburn

She is Bluish's mother.


She is the fourth girl in the group assembled for the class project, along with Dreenie, Tuli, and Bluish.


He is one of the boys in Dreenie's class. Dreenie thinks that he has a crush on her.


He is the college intern who aids Ms. Baker in teaching the class.

Dreenie's Mother

She offers a sympathetic ear when Dreenie has worries and confusion...

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