Bluish Character Descriptions

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Dreenie - She is the central character in the novel; the author allies the reader closely with her actions, thoughts, and feelings.

Bluish - Her real name is Natalie, but all the children in class call her this due to her extremely pale skin that reveals the veins underneath.

Tuli - Dreenie's best and (at the beginning) only friend at school.

Willie - She is Dreenie's younger sister by two years.

Ms. Baker - She is the teacher of Dreenie's class.

Rita Winburn - She is Bluish's mother.

Paula - She is the fourth girl in the group assembled for the class project, along with Dreenie, Tuli, and Bluish.

Jamal - He is one of the boys in Dreenie's class. Dreenie thinks that he has a crush on her.

Max - He is the college intern who aids Ms. Baker in teaching the class.

Dreenie's Mother -...

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