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Journal Part I, and Chapter 1

• In Journal Part I, the narrator writes in the first person as a ten year old girl named Dreenie.

• Dreenie describes meeting Bluish, a girl in her class, who is confined to a wheelchair and looks sick.

• The children call her Bluish because her veins show through her skin. Bluish brings a puppy to school.

• Bluish parks her wheelchair in front of the classroom door so the children have to look at her.
• Dreenie thinks about asking Bluish if she needs help to move but doesn't.

• Bluish rides a short bus to school which has a ramp for her wheelchair.

• Dreenie is writing a journal, not for the grade in school but to write about Bluish.

• Dreenie admires Bluish's puppy and her choice of hats.
• Dreenie and her younger sister, Willeva or Willie, are walking on Amsterdam Avenue in New York near the...

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