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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do Mrs. Ellsworth and Oceola do while she conducts the interview?
(a) Drink tea.
(b) Eat dinner.
(c) Eat lunch.
(d) Eat breakfast.

2. What is Oceola's last name?
(a) Ellsworth.
(b) Williams.
(c) Jones.
(d) Hunter.

3. What is Mrs. Ellsworth's marital status?
(a) Widowed.
(b) Separated.
(c) Divorced.
(d) Married.

4. What is the purpose of the service(s) that Mrs. Ellsworth insists on providing for Oceola?
(a) Make Oceola's life easier.
(b) None of the above.
(c) Simply to make Oceola happy.
(d) Refine her playing.

5. How does Oceola feel about Mrs. Ellsworth's offer?
(a) Enthusiastic.
(b) Reluctant.
(c) Grateful.
(d) Angry.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Oceola try to save up for in her teenage years?

2. Who did Oceola receive piano lessons from as she grew up?

3. What did Oceola's mother do in the new city?

4. Where did Oceola and her mother move after Oceola attended college?

5. Where did the person who recommends Oceola meet her?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Mrs. Ellsworth find fascinating during her time with Oceola in Section 2 of the story?

2. How does Mrs. Ellsworth find out more about Oceola's relationship with the boarder in section 3 of the story?

3. What does Mrs. Ellsworth do when she hears Oceola's response to her suggestion about Harlem?

4. What does Mrs. Ellsworth provide Oceola with during the beginning of their artist/patron relationship?

5. What themes does the music that Oceola plays at the end of the story reflect?

6. Why is Oceola reluctant to meet with Mrs. Ellsworth?

7. How does Mrs. Ellsworth try to get rid of Oceola's penchant for jazz music?

8. What news does Oceola have for Mrs. Ellsworth when she comes back from a trip?

9. How is Oceola brought to Mrs. Ellsworth's attention?

10. How has Oceola chosen to view art after her experiences with Mrs. Ellsworth?

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