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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where will Delia deliver her speech?
(a) The Harlem Baptist Church.
(b) Union Station.
(c) The Abyssinian Church.
(d) The Guggenheim Museum.

2. What do Angel and Leland do after everyone leaves?
(a) Listen to the radio.
(b) Go out for dinner.
(c) Stay in the apartment to talk.
(d) Watch a movie.

3. Who goes to dinner with Sam and Delia?
(a) Reggie.
(b) Angel.
(c) Guy.
(d) Nick.

4. What does Josephine Baker want from Guy?
(a) Photos of his work.
(b) Sample gowns.
(c) Dress sketches.
(d) Designer addresses.

5. In what way does Angel remind Leland of his wife?
(a) Her hair.
(b) Her cooking.
(c) Her smile.
(d) Her eyes.

Short Answer Questions

1. Angel learns that _________ has made arrangements for her to audition for a job.

2. What is the reason for Guy's mood?

3. Why does Angel accept the proposal from Tony?

4. What time is it when the play begins?

5. When does Angel agree to go out with Leland?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Angel's mood as Act 1, Scene 3 begins?

2. How does Guy include Angel in his good news?

3. What is happening socially and culturally in America that present challenges to the characters?

4. What is Guy's dream?

5. Why does Leland end up coming back to Guy's apartment?

6. What good news has finally come in for Guy?

7. What happens when Angel returns to the apartment?

8. Who will be going to France with Guy?

9. What is the purpose of Delia's speech at the Abyssinian Church?

10. What is the setting for Act 2, Scene 1?

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