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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the setting for BLUES FOR AN ALABAMA SKY?
(a) Omaha, Nebraska.
(b) Mobile, Alabama.
(c) Detroit, Michigan.
(d) Harlem in New York City.

2. What is the reason for Guy's mood?
(a) He received a cable.
(b) He got a new job.
(c) He lost his dog.
(d) He is in love.

3. What is Sam celebrating tonight?
(a) The delivery of twins at the hospital.
(b) Tenure at the university.
(c) His 25th wedding anniversary.
(d) A new job.

4. What does Delia want to establish in Harlem?
(a) A family planning clinic.
(b) A university.
(c) A charter school.
(d) A music school.

5. What kind of jobs is Guy forced to take now?
(a) Hotel valet staff.
(b) Restaurant wait staff.
(c) Various design and sewing jobs.
(d) Maintenance.

Short Answer Questions

1. What advice does Delia give to Angel?

2. What does Sam give Angel?

3. What do Angel and Leland do after everyone leaves?

4. Where does Angel work?

5. What major historical event is America facing at the time of this play?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is the purpose of Delia's speech at the Abyssinian Church?

2. What does the character of Leland represent in the story?

3. What is Sam's interest in Delia?

4. How does Leland react to Angel's news about the abortion?

5. What important themes does the author reinforce during this scene?

6. What has happened to Angel during the time after Sam's murder?

7. What is Leland's reaction to Guy's homosexuality?

8. Who is the guest of honor at the party attended by Guy and Angel?

9. What is Guy's dream?

10. What news lifts Angel's spirits?

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