Blue Willow Character Descriptions

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Janey Larkin

She is a ten-year-old girl who has moved around with her parents a great deal of the time.

Mr. Larkin

He was a cattle rancher and homeowner in the years prior to the family's arrival in California, but lost it when the dust bowl conditions drove the families away from the area.

Clara Larkin

She has a tendency to fuss, but realizes that it's her way of trying to take care of the family.

Lupe Romero

She lives across the road from the little shack where Janey and her family settle in California.

Mrs. Romero

She is obviously industrious and as the story comes to a close, she moves with her family to open a restaurant.

Manuel Romero

He is hard-working and a good neighbor who takes part in a cotton-picking contest even though it might mean he's spent the day working for no pay at...

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