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Rebecca Gilman
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Act 2, Scene 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Curt reveal about his mother?
(a) Curt's mother is a prostitute.
(b) Curt lives with his mother.
(c) Curt's mother and father are getting a divorce.
(d) Curt's mother died, and he is still having to pay her hospital bills.

2. Why is Doug looking for Curt in Act 2, Scene 4?
(a) Beth is sick.
(b) Curt is needed for a raid on the massage parlor.
(c) The captain is mad at Curt.
(d) Sandy is hurt.

3. When does Sandy go to Curt in Act 1, Scene 8?
(a) On Friday for their date.
(b) After Curt learns that he has been fired.
(c) In the middle of the night.
(d) After Sandy has been on a date with Doug.

4. How does Curt explain himself and the statement he makes about Sandy in Act 1, Scene 8?
(a) Curt means that he shouldn't have expected her to change her career.
(b) Curt means that he lovesd Sandy and is jealous of Doug.
(c) Curt is desperate to get Sandy out of the prostitution ring.
(d) Curt means exactly what he says and hates Sandy for going on a date with Doug.

5. What does Doug reveal to Curt in Act 2, Scene 4 that he sometimes wonders about Heather?
(a) Is Heather pretending to like Doug?
(b) Does Heather love Doug?
(c) Does Heather still work as a prostitute?
(d) Will Heather leave Doug?

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Curt know Beth?

2. What does Curt reveal to Doug about Beth in Act 2, Scene 4?

3. What is the source of Doug being upset in Act 2, Scene 4?

4. What does Beth wonder about the bust at the massage parlor?

5. Why does Doug believe that the police force is raiding the massage parlor in Act 2, Scene 4?

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