Blue Surge Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Rebecca Gilman
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Essay Topic 1

Doug and Curt are both police officers but do not perform their jobs in the same way. They are also friends throughout the play.

1. Compare and contrast Doug's work ethic and technique to Curt's work ethic and technique.

2. Evaluate Doug and Curt's friendship. Are they both good friends to each other? Who is the better friend?

3. Would you like to have either Doug or Curt as a friend? Have examples from the play to support your answer.

Essay Topic 2

Sandy and Heather are both prostitutes, but Sandy is the only one who continues with prostitution through the end of the play. They also have a friendship that has its ups and downs.

1. Why does Heather stop being a prostitute? Did it surprise you that Heather was the one who chose a family life and Sandy continued being a prostitute?

2. Are Heather and Sandy better friends at...

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