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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. At the end of Chapter 30, what do Verne and Anita experience during the wolf rite in which they engage?
(a) A desire to fight.
(b) A desire to make peace.
(c) Great fear of the munins.
(d) An overwhelming sensation of each other's power.

2. Who is Marianne?
(a) One of Jean-Claude's vampires.
(b) Verne's lupa.
(c) A woman Richard is dating.
(d) The vargamor of Verne's wolf pack.

3. Who is Howard Grant?
(a) A reporter.
(b) A clairvoyant hired by Franklin Niley.
(c) A scientist researching trolls.
(d) A necromancer.

4. How does Anita's increasing closeness to Richard affect the triumvirate?
(a) It increases Richard's power.
(b) It decreases Anita's closeness with Jean-Claude.
(c) It decreases the power of the entire triumvirate.
(d) It binds the entire triumvirate more closely together.

5. Which of the following statements does not describe Roxanne?
(a) Long brown hair with a blue tint on it.
(b) A muscular and tattooed arm.
(c) Over six feet tall.
(d) Wearing a jean jacket with no sleeves.

6. Who does Terry Fletcher say has hired him and his friends to attack Anita and the shapeshifters?
(a) Dr. Carrie Onslow.
(b) Colin.
(c) Franklin Niley.
(d) Sheriff Wilkes.

7. When the shapeshifters sense others in the woods with them in Chapter 25, what do Jason and Anita pretend to be while Jamil and the rest of ther group run ahead to the lupanar for help?
(a) Biologists researching trolls.
(b) Hikers.
(c) Tourists.
(d) Boyfriend and girlfriend.

8. Why doesn't Anita think the trolls have committed the crime with which they are charged?
(a) The trolls are very religious, moral, and ethical.
(b) Lesser Smokey Mountain trolls don't hunt & kill humans.
(c) The trolls love humans.
(d) Trolls are not violent creatures like humans.

9. What is the human Beck plans to sacrifice to the demon doing while Beck chants to summon the demon?
(a) Begging for help.
(b) Crying.
(c) Praying.
(d) Screaming.

10. According to Captain Henderson, to what can mental illness open a person up?
(a) Manipulation by others.
(b) Demonic possession.
(c) Contact with extraterrestrials.
(d) Psychic abilities.

11. Who is Roxanne?
(a) Verne's lupa.
(b) Richard's new girlfriend.
(c) Sheriff Wilkes's new deputy.
(d) Colin's human servant.

12. What does the package Franklin Niley has delivered to Anita in Chapter 42 contain?
(a) Daniel Zeeman's hair & Charlotte Zeeman's finger.
(b) Holy water.
(c) A vampire skull.
(d) Bribe money.

13. Which vampire helps the police track down Anita in Chapter 42?
(a) Fleurette.
(b) Colin.
(c) Barnaby.
(d) Belle Morte.

14. What does Niley threaten to do if Anita won't meet with him?
(a) Kill her.
(b) Blame the Myerton murders on Richard instead of the trolls.
(c) Kill Richard.
(d) Have her arrested for the Myerton murders.

15. Who is the only shapeshifter Anita allows to remain in her room at the beginning of Chapter 42?
(a) Richard.
(b) Jason.
(c) Zane.
(d) Cherry.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why doesn't Anita want Roxanne to use her claws or teeth during their fight?

2. What does Roxanne accuse Anita of doing?

3. Who jerks Anita's phone out of the wall in Chapter 29 so she can't phone for help?

4. Whose hair does Marianne want Anita to brush in Chapter 37?

5. How does the speed with which werewolves heal compare to the speed with which humans heal?

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