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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long is Franklin Niley going to wait for his messengers to return from Anita's before he starts torturing his kidnap victims further?
(a) Four hours.
(b) Twenty-four hours.
(c) Half an hour.
(d) Two hours.

2. Who is Howard Grant?
(a) A reporter.
(b) A clairvoyant hired by Franklin Niley.
(c) A necromancer.
(d) A scientist researching trolls.

3. What does Marianne serve Roxanne in Chapter 40 to try to calm her?
(a) Cake.
(b) Lemonade.
(c) Sandwiches.
(d) Tea.

4. Who does Anita call at the beginning of Chapter 29 so she'll have an audio witness to her uninvited guest's visit?
(a) Marianne.
(b) Verne.
(c) Jean-Claude.
(d) Her cop friend Sergeant Dolph Storr.

5. What is Roland's relationship to Marianne?
(a) He's her friend.
(b) He's her Ulfric.
(c) He's her bodyguard.
(d) He's her son.

6. What does Anita tell Verne he owes her for having Terry Fletcher killed when she promised Terry he would live?
(a) The death of one of his wolves.
(b) Protection while she's in Myerton.
(c) A big favor.
(d) A million dollars.

7. Why doesn't Richard want to leave Myerton?
(a) He fears the sheriff will kill the trolls.
(b) He wants to become Ulfric of Myerton's wolf pack.
(c) He wants to take over Colin's territory for Jean-Claude.
(d) He likes the fishing and hiking in the mountains around town.

8. Who is in charge of the crime scene in Chapter 32?
(a) Sheriff Wilkes.
(b) Officer Maiden.
(c) Anita.
(d) Captain Henderson of the state police.

9. How do the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel respond at the crime scene in Chapter 32?
(a) They vomit.
(b) They shiver in fear and refuse to approach the scene.
(c) They faint.
(d) They scream.

10. Whose hair does Marianne want Anita to brush in Chapter 37?
(a) Jamil's.
(b) Richard's.
(c) Cherry's.
(d) Nathaniel's.

11. Which werewolf in Richard's pack is a city wolf who wears dress shoes and black dress slacks in the woods instead of more practical jeans and sneakers?
(a) Lucy.
(b) Shang-Da.
(c) Jason.
(d) Jamil.

12. What supernatural creatures does Anita think might have committed the crime in Chapter 31 instead of the trolls?
(a) Vampires.
(b) Werewolves.
(c) Ghouls.
(d) Banshees.

13. Who is Dr. Patrick?
(a) A biologist researching trolls.
(b) The physician for Colin's vampires.
(c) A high school principal.
(d) The physician for Verne's werewolf pack.

14. Who criticizes Anita for her violence toward Niley's messengers on the drive to where the kidnap victims are being held?
(a) Richard.
(b) Jamil.
(c) Dr. Patrick.
(d) Jason.

15. Who hits Anita in Chapter 29?
(a) Sheriff Wilkes.
(b) Marianne.
(c) Cherry.
(d) Officer Maiden.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who searches Anita roughly in Chapter 29 in order to show Richard that he and Anita should leave town?

2. In Chapter 31, what do the police accuse the trolls of doing?

3. At the beginning of Chapter 42, who brings Anita a message from Frank Niley?

4. What is the relationship of the two people Franklin Niley kidnaps in Chapter 42 to the triumvirate?

5. Where is Anita when Roxanne bursts into her cabin in Chapter 39?

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