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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What supernatural creatures does Anita think might have committed the crime in Chapter 31 instead of the trolls?
(a) Ghouls.
(b) Banshees.
(c) Werewolves.
(d) Vampires.

2. Who jerks Anita's phone out of the wall in Chapter 29 so she can't phone for help?
(a) Lucy.
(b) Roxanne.
(c) Colin.
(d) Sheriff Wilkes.

3. According to Captain Henderson, to what can mental illness open a person up?
(a) Psychic abilities.
(b) Manipulation by others.
(c) Demonic possession.
(d) Contact with extraterrestrials.

4. What does Anita do to warn Roxanne she will kill her if necessary?
(a) Gives her a few karate moves.
(b) Summons her vampire friends.
(c) Throws a knife in her direction.
(d) Fires a gunshot in her direction.

5. Who slaps Anita at the end of Chapter 40 out of jealousy over Richard?
(a) Cherry.
(b) Roxanne.
(c) Marianne.
(d) Lucy.

6. In Chapter 25, which werewolf takes a bullet meant for Anita, thereby saving Anita's life?
(a) Richard.
(b) Jamil.
(c) Jason.
(d) Lucy.

7. How long is Franklin Niley going to wait for his messengers to return from Anita's before he starts torturing his kidnap victims further?
(a) Four hours.
(b) Half an hour.
(c) Two hours.
(d) Twenty-four hours.

8. What does Anita see carved on a circle of trees in Chapter 32?
(a) Pentagrams.
(b) Crosses.
(c) Graffiti.
(d) Her name.

9. How do the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) personnel respond at the crime scene in Chapter 32?
(a) They vomit.
(b) They scream.
(c) They shiver in fear and refuse to approach the scene.
(d) They faint.

10. Which of the following statements does not describe Roxanne?
(a) Long brown hair with a blue tint on it.
(b) Wearing a jean jacket with no sleeves.
(c) A muscular and tattooed arm.
(d) Over six feet tall.

11. With whom does Anita choose to spend time at the end of the novel instead of with the other two members of the triumvirate?
(a) Marianne.
(b) Jason.
(c) Jamil.
(d) Nathaniel.

12. What do the carvings on the trees in Chapter 32 indicate?
(a) Someone hates Myerton.
(b) Someone has invoked a circle of protection to perform magic.
(c) Someone hates Anita.
(d) Fairies are in the woods.

13. How does Marianne advise Anita to deal with the munin trying to possess her?
(a) By becoming fully lukoi or werewolf.
(b) By embracing rather than resisting it.
(c) By sprinkling holy water on the munin's grave.
(d) By wearing a magic amulet to repel it.

14. Whose hair does Marianne want Anita to brush in Chapter 37?
(a) Cherry's.
(b) Nathaniel's.
(c) Richard's.
(d) Jamil's.

15. Why is it difficult for Richard to control his ability to change into a wolf in Chapter 27?
(a) Linus Beck has cast an evil spell on him.
(b) Being around other wolves makes him want to be a wolf.
(c) He's angry, and anger makes him lose control of his powers.
(d) It's close to the full moon.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which werewolf in Richard's pack is a city wolf who wears dress shoes and black dress slacks in the woods instead of more practical jeans and sneakers?

2. What lie has Verne told Roxanne to make her jealous?

3. In Chapter 31, what do the police accuse the trolls of doing?

4. Who does Anita call at the beginning of Chapter 29 so she'll have an audio witness to her uninvited guest's visit?

5. Who knocks on Anita's cabin door at the beginning of Chapter 29?

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