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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 20, what reason does Damian give Colin for why he serves Jean-Claude?
(a) Enslavement.
(b) Gratitude.
(c) Fear.
(d) Love.

2. What do vampires smell like to Anita?
(a) Birds.
(b) Reptiles.
(c) Bears.
(d) Dogs.

3. Who comes to Nathaniel's assistance at the beginning of Chapter 13 by feeding on his blood?
(a) Colin.
(b) Jamil and Zane.
(c) Jean-Claude.
(d) Asher and Damian.

4. What does Anita think when she hears that Richard has been arrested in Tennessee?
(a) She isn't sure what to think but admits he could be guilty.
(b) She wants to investigate to determine his guilt or innocence.
(c) She doesn't believe he's guilty and wants to help him.
(d) She's positive he's guilty and wants him to stay in jail.

5. What has scarred half of Asher's face and body?
(a) Fire.
(b) Acid.
(c) A car wreck.
(d) Holy water.

6. Which werewolf is so terrified of rotting vampires that memories of them make him cry in the shower in Chapter 21?
(a) Jamil.
(b) Verne.
(c) Richard.
(d) Jason.

7. What is a lion passant?
(a) A statue of a lion.
(b) A miniature lion.
(c) A passive leopard, one with power but who doesn't protect.
(d) A werelion.

8. In Chapter 10, what startling fact does Anita notice about her bruised skin?
(a) The bruises cover her entire face.
(b) It's worse than the day before.
(c) It's healing much quicker than a normal human should.
(d) It's a hideous shade of purple.

9. What is an Ulfric?
(a) A Celtic musician.
(b) A werewolf king.
(c) A spell to turn someone into a werewolf.
(d) A talisman against vampires.

10. What color are Nathaniel's eyes?
(a) Lilac.
(b) Blue.
(c) Hazel.
(d) Green.

11. What explanation does Verne give in Chapter 16 for the one of the wolves in his pack delivering Nathaniel to Colin?
(a) The wolf Mira is a servant of the rotting vampires.
(b) Verne's wolf pack hates wereleopards.
(c) The wolf Mira is angry that Richard has stopped dating her.
(d) Verne's wolf pack are Colin's allies and do what he bids.

12. When Anita and her group are surrounded by Colin and his vampires in Chapter 20, who does Asher say he will take in the battle?
(a) Jamil.
(b) Jason.
(c) Barnaby.
(d) Colin.

13. In Chapter 8, what does the fact that she was ambushed right across from the police station indicate to Anita?
(a) That Myerton doesn't have enough police officers.
(b) That her attackers are police officers.
(c) That her attackers knew the police wouldn't stop them.
(d) That Myerton is a dangerous town.

14. At the beginning of Chapter 12, where does Anita meet with the wolves and leopards to learn the proper werewolf etiquette for the meeting with Verne's pack?
(a) In her cabin.
(b) In Richard's cabin.
(c) In the woods.
(d) In Verne's cabin.

15. What outfit does Anita select to wear to meet Colin?
(a) A leather skirt.
(b) A silk evening gown.
(c) Blue jeans and a tee shirt.
(d) A pink pants suit.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which wereleopard has lost a leg in a hit-and-run accident and had the leg grown back after becoming a shapeshifter?

2. Who is Richard's lupa?

3. What does Officer Maiden put into Anita's gun before returning it to her at the beginning of Chapter 7?

4. What is Anita's job at Animators, Inc.?

5. Which of the following statements is not true of the Lesser Smokey Mountain Trolls?

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