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Lesson 1 (from Chapters 1-6)


In Blue Moon, Anita Blake travels to Myerton, Tennessee because her former fiancé, Richard, has been falsely accused of a crime there and is in jail. If Anita doesn't get Richard out of jail within five days, the full moon will turn him into a werewolf and he will lose his job as a teacher. This lesson will discuss Richard's arrest and its importance as a catalyst in the novel. The arrest is the inciting incident that motivates Anita to travel to Tennessee, where she comes into conflict with a rival band of vampires, an evil artifact collector and his sorcerer, an evil ghost, and a demon. Richard's arrest also increases the internal conflict in Anita's relationship with her current boyfriend, Jean-Claude. Her rush to Tennessee to assist Richard arouses Jean-Claude's jealousy and seeing Richard again lets Anita know she hasn't lost her feelings for the...

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