Blue Moon Fun Activities

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Act Out a Scene

Select a scene from Laurell K. Hamilton's novel Blue Moon and, with the help of at least one other classmate, act out that scene for the rest of the class.

Cast a Movie

Imagine you're a movie director casting a movie version of Blue Moon. Which actors and actresses would you choose for each role and why? Be prepared to share your answers and the reasons you chose each actor with the rest of the class.

Create a Collage

Choose any scene or character from Blue Moon and create a collage to illustrate that scene or that character's life.

Create a Vampire and Werewolf Protection Kit

Fill a box, basket, or other container with traditional vampire protection items like garlic, mustard seeds, holy water, and a cross, as well as traditional werewolf protection items like a silver amulet or necklace, wolf's bane, and mistletoe...

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