Blue Moon Character Descriptions

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Anita Blake

This character is the novel's protagonist, a 24-year-old professional vampire executioner and a necromancer who raises zombies from the dead.

Richard Zeeman

This character is the Ulfric, or leader, of a pack of werewolves. The character catches the disease, lycanthropy, after receiving a bad dose of the vaccine.


This character is a master or head vampire and has created a powerful triumvirate, which includes a werewolf and the main character.


This character is a wereleopard who travels with the protagonist as a protector.


A 19-year-old wereleopard, this character is injured in an attack from a rotting vampire.


This character is a wereleopard and former nurse.


This character is a werewolf who is also loyal to the master vampire. The character flirts a lot with the protagonist and has a great fear of rotting vampires.


This character is a vampire who...

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