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Chapters 1-6

• Vampire slayer Anita Blake is in love with Jean-Claude, the master vampire of St. Louis, Missouri.

• Anita is awakened from a dream by a phone call Daniel Zeeman, the youngest brother of her former fianc√©, Richard Zeeman.

• Richard is a werewolf, now Ulfric, or leader, of the local pack and is the third member of a triumvirate, or power triangle, created by Jean-Claude when he gives three of the four marks of a vampire to Anita and Richard.

• The fourth mark would make them immortal, and both Richard and Anita cherish the small bit of humanity they maintained.

• Daniel tells Anita that Richard has been arrested and jailed in a small town in Tennessee for attempted rape and needs her help.

• Richard is a werewolf, a full moon is five days away, and if his secret is revealed he will lose his job as a teacher...

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