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Laurie Faria Stolarz
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What gesture does Chad make that upsets Drea even further?
(a) He asks Stacey to help him study.
(b) He pats Stacey's shoulder in a comforting gesture.
(c) He kisses her cheek, and then Stacey's.
(d) He invites Stacey out for dinner.

2. Why is Drea so angry when she comes back early the next morning?
(a) She is late for class.
(b) She forgot to study for a physics exam.
(c) Chad is there alone with Stacey.
(d) Her visit with family didn't go well.

3. Why does Officer Tate want Stacey to call her parents?
(a) So she can get permission to talk to her.
(b) So they can supply a lawyer.
(c) So they can take her home.
(d) So they can bail her out.

4. What threat forces Veronica's cooperation?
(a) Stacey threatens to reveal information that Veronica cheated.
(b) Stacy and Drea threaten to spread lies and rumors about her.
(c) The trio threaten to anonymously post her cheating on line.
(d) Drea threatens to reveal her feelings to Chad.

5. What do Stacey, Amber, and Drea do when Veronica insists she doesn't want or need their help?
(a) They follow her around all day.
(b) They tell the campus police that she might be in trouble.
(c) They leave her to her own devices.
(d) They tell her to come to them if she changes her mind.

6. What does Stacey not want to be known for?
(a) Having premonitions.
(b) Wetting the bed.
(c) Finding Veronica's body.
(d) Taking her friend's boyfriend.

7. Where does Stacey find her laundry?
(a) Outside the door.
(b) In a dryer.
(c) In a washer.
(d) Outside the window.

8. What private part of her life does the caller also know?
(a) What color her underwear is.
(b) What kind of detergent she uses.
(c) She wets the bed.
(d) She is afraid of the dark.

9. Why does Officer Tate refuse to investigate Drea's disappearance?
(a) She doesn't believe Stacey.
(b) Veronica's death is a priority.
(c) She is going off duty for the night.
(d) Lack of evidence.

10. Who gets caught trying to break into Veronica's room?
(a) Drea.
(b) Stacey.
(c) Amber.
(d) Chad.

11. How long does it take for Chad to find Stacey and where is she?
(a) One hour, in her room.
(b) Two hours, in the gym.
(c) Three hours, in the library.
(d) Two hours, in the library.

12. What is the only point at which Stacey hesitates as she tells Officer Tate everything?
(a) Her bed wetting.
(b) Chad's email to Veronica.
(c) Her premonitions.
(d) Her feelings for Chad.

13. What does Chad leave behind for Drea?
(a) Six daffodils.
(b) Three daffodils.
(c) Three lilies.
(d) Two lilies

14. What does Stacey convince Amber and Drea to do when they come back?
(a) Promise Drea will always be guarded.
(b) Go home to their families until she can sort things out.
(c) Inform the campus police as to what happened.
(d) Promise to have at least two other people with them at all times.

15. What does Stacey put on before leaving with Officer Tate?
(a) Yellow sneakers.
(b) A blue sweater.
(c) Green hair clips.
(d) A red shirt.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stacey find in the French classroom?

2. Whom does Amber find to help?

3. What is Stacey's largest concern while she is talking to Officer Tate?

4. Why doesn't Stacey go with them to the hospital?

5. Where is Donna, Veronica's roommate?

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