Objects & Places from Blue Is for Nightmares

Laurie Faria Stolarz
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Idaho Gold potato

What Drea hands Stacey to clot the bleeding from her foot.

Teen People

What Stacey looks through to take her mind off her nightmares containing lilies.

Earth Day

When Stacey and Chad clean the campus.

Hillcrest pie eating contest

Stacey and Chad select cherry during this.

Ace of Clubs, a Five of Clubs and an Ace of Spades

What signifies that Chad is going to ask Drea to meet with him but then he is going to cancel it; that Drea will receive a package; and death.

The House That Jack Built

This is the program sent as part of an e-mail disguised as being from Chad.


The flower that mean death.

Family scrapbook

What Stacey receives just before her grandmother passes away.

Hangman cafe

On Hilcrest campus, it is the place where Veronica Leeman, Donna Tillings and artists such as Donovan hang out...

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