Blue Is for Nightmares Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Laurie Faria Stolarz
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Chapter 1-5

• Stacey used to have nightmares in the past.

• They generally involved similar occurrences, and places.

• When Stacey starts the school year as a junior at Hillcrest High School, they return.

• Now her nightmares involve Drea, her roommate at school and closest friend.

• In her dreams, Stacey is pursued by someone in the woods.

• At first she is unable to see her pursuer, hearing them behind her.

• She uses rituals in an effort to find out more, but is unsuccessful.

• She anoints a candle with Drea's initials and lights it before going to sleep.
• Stacey begins by dreaming of visiting with her Grandmother.

• She repeats a conversation she had with her in the past about an amethyst ring.

• In her dream, her Grandmother gives her the ring again, showing her the initials.

• She goes outside and hears Drea calling to her in the woods.

• She runs toward...

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