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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Johnnie say to the accusations that he has cheated?
(a) The Swede cheated first.
(b) Everybody cheats once in awhile.
(c) No man is allowed to say he cheats.
(d) If he cheated, the Swede deserved it.

2. What words does Scully hear that disrupts his evening?
(a) "You lying scum!"
(b) "I'll kill you if you try that again!"
(c) "You are cheatin!"
(d) "You cheatin' son of a bitch!"

3. Who does the Swede mock as he leaves the hotel?
(a) Johnnie.
(b) The Easterner.
(c) Scully.
(d) The cowboy.

4. What does the Swede do when he is asked to remove his hand from the gambler's shoulder?
(a) Quietly leaves the saloon.
(b) Shoots the gambler.
(c) Grabs the gambler's throat.
(d) Shoots the bartender.

5. What is the demeanor of the Easterner and the cowboy as the men prepare to go outside?
(a) Confident.
(b) Very nervous.
(c) Silent.
(d) Boastful.

6. What does Scully assure Johnnie after the fight?
(a) He is proud of him.
(b) He is gaining much strength in his upper body.
(c) He did indeed hurt the Swede.
(d) He is lucky the fight stopped when it did.

7. The Swede is convinced he will be fighting ________________.
(a) Scully.
(b) The farmer.
(c) The cowboy.
(d) All the men.

8. Who dominates the conversation during the meal?
(a) The Swede.
(b) The cowboy.
(c) Johnnie.
(d) Scully.

9. What does the bartender pretend not to notice?
(a) The Swede's big ears.
(b) The Swede's torn clothes.
(c) The Swede's bloody face.
(d) The Swede's shabby coat.

10. What do the men decide to do after supper?
(a) Go to a saloon.
(b) Retire to their rooms.
(c) Go to a show.
(d) Play High Fives.

11. What does Scully do during the card game?
(a) Reads the newspaper.
(b) Sips brandy.
(c) Cleans the lobby.
(d) Examines the guest registry.

12. Who does the Swede partner with in the evening card game?
(a) An old farmer.
(b) The cowboy.
(c) Johnnie.
(d) The Easterner.

13. What is the Swede doing in his room?
(a) Taking a bath.
(b) Bandaging his wounds.
(c) Drinking whiskey.
(d) Packing his things.

14. The patrons are _________________ and refuse to drink with the Swede.
(a) Curious.
(b) Angry.
(c) Silent.
(d) Anti-social.

15. Where do the men decide to go to settle the argument?
(a) The stable.
(b) The billiards room.
(c) Outside in the snow.
(d) The saloon.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why do the men have trouble hearing each other outside?

2. How many patrons are in the saloon?

3. What drink does the Swede order?

4. Where does the Swede go to escape the weather?

5. Who is the man who accuses someone of cheating?

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