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1. For what is Stephen Crane best known in his writing style?

Stephen Crane is known for his creation of stories about regular people who experience extraordinary events for a brief time in their lives.

2. Why do Stephen Crane's works enjoy such a wide and varied audience?

One of the reasons Crane's audience is so varied--from learned scholars to more common folk who enjoy pulp fiction--is that his characters themselves are so varied. If one picks up almost any of his stories, there is at least one character with whom one can identify.

3. What is the setting for THE BLUE HOTEL?

THE BLUE HOTEL traces the fears of five men during a winter in the late-1800s and takes place in the small Nebraska town of Fort Romper in a space of less than twenty-four hours.

4. What is the premise of THE BLUE HOTEL?

Sometimes called a study in fear, it is full of the harshness of the old West, and will appeal to anyone who enjoys rough-hewn excitement. Being accused of cheating at cards, a young man must defend his personal identity. His father must give up some protection of his son, and a Swede must prove his worth.

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