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The Train Station

It stands about two hundred yards from the town itself and at night its pinpoint of light from the window is the lonely light visible in that direction.

The Blue Hotel

It is a complex place, bright on the outside but dark and shadowy on the inside.

The Hotel Stove

Besides being the center of the room it stands for warmth, security, and generally, comfort.

Cardboard Box

It is often used to punctuate a statement or activity and often represents contempt.

Basins of Water

When Scully takes the three new guests to their rooms, they are presented with these.

The Swede's Room

It appears to be foreboding and nightmarish in its upstairs location.

Yellow-Brown Whiskey

Scully pulls this from under his bed and gives it to the Swede.

Card Table

This is a small board that is supported on four sides by the players' knees...

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