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Chapter 1

• THE BLUE HOTEL traces the fears of five men during the winter in the late-1800s and takes place in the small Nebraska town of Fort Romper in a space of less than 24 hours.

• The setting of the story is The Palace Hotel which is called The Blue Hotel because it is painted a bright blue.

• The hotel's owner, Pat Scully, is an Irishman with a flair for sales and meets the incoming train twice a day to lure potential guests to the hotel.

• One cold winter day Scully meets a Swede, a cowboy and a retired tailor from the East and brings them to the hotel.
• At the hotel, Scully's son, Johnnie, plays cards with an old farmer near a big, wood-burning stove.

• Scully's daughters serve the noon meal and the men return to the warmth of the stove.

• The Swede eyes each of the men...

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