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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Sheen feel about the news that Stile has married Lady Blue in Chapter 11?
(a) She is upset.
(b) She is happy.
(c) She is angry.
(d) She is relieved.

2. Who knocks on Stile's door in Chapter 11?
(a) Lady Blue.
(b) The Yellow Adept.
(c) Sheen.
(d) Bluette.

3. What does Stile do to appease Vodlevile's son in Chapter 10?
(a) Agrees to ask for his help when the time comes.
(b) Gives him a small vial of pig's blood, telling him it is Stile's.
(c) Asks him to look for a gift for Lady Blue.
(d) Offers to help him with another task, after Stile completes his current quest.

4. What does Stile permit Clef to do at the end of Chapter 9?
(a) Claim the trophy for Round Seven.
(b) Seek out Lady Blue.
(c) Play the platinum flute.
(d) Request a rematch for Round Seven.

5. What is the Red Adept's reason for attacking Stile and the Blue Adept?
(a) The Blue Adept had once offended her, and she had vowed revenge for the insult.
(b) She could not allow the Blue Adept and Lady Blue to have a child.
(c) The Oracle had prophesied that Blue would destroy Red.
(d) She wanted to be the most powerful Adept, which meant getting rid of the Blue Adept.

6. Why was the competitor Stile lost to participating in the Tourney?
(a) To become a Citizen.
(b) For fun.
(c) To prove himself to his leaders.
(d) To make a name, and therefore a career, for himself.

7. Why does Stile decide to stop using magic when he is in the Red Adept's castle?
(a) Because he does not want the Red Adept to know the extent of his magical power before the fight.
(b) Because his use of magic triggers traps she has set throughout the castle.
(c) Because he does not want to reveal that his power is not as great as the Red Adept's.
(d) Because his use of magic alerts the Red Adept to his location within the castle.

8. Why was Sheen sent to Stile?
(a) To serve as a home security system.
(b) To spy on Stile, and report back to her employer.
(c) To protect him from his unknown enemy who was trying to kill him.
(d) To be his companion and lover.

9. What is in the small passage where the Red Adept disappeared at the beginning of Chapter 11?
(a) A curtain to Proton.
(b) A trap door.
(c) A bomb.
(d) A hideous creature.

10. According to the informant in Chapter 7, who is Stile's unnamed adversary?
(a) An Adept.
(b) A serf.
(c) A Citizen.
(d) A unicorn.

11. What almost happens as Stile emerges in Phaze in Chapter 8?
(a) The mountains almost tremble.
(b) The earth almost cracks open.
(c) He almost falls off a cliff.
(d) He almost lands on a small creature.

12. Which Adept does Stile seek out in Chapter 8?
(a) The Red Adept.
(b) The Yellow Adept.
(c) The Purple Adept.
(d) The White Adept.

13. Why is Sheen worried about Stile in Chapter 9?
(a) Because he is behaving strangely.
(b) Because he is going to confront the Red Adept.
(c) Because he might lose the Tourney.
(d) Because he is ill.

14. Who gives Stile a report about his attempted assassination in Chapter 7?
(a) Sheen.
(b) Hulk.
(c) The Yellow Adept.
(d) An anonymous android.

15. What is the second spell Stile uses after entering the Red Adept's castle?
(a) A spell to locate the Red Adept within the castle.
(b) A spell to cloak himself and Neysa with invisibility.
(c) A spell to ensure Lady Blue's safety.
(d) A spell to establish a telepathic link between himself and Neysa.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the contest for Round Twelve of the Tourney?

2. Into what form does Neysa shift to disguise herself in Chapter 8?

3. What are the results of the spell Stile puts on Neysa at the beginning of Chapter 11?

4. What do Stile and Neysa find upon entering the Red Castle?

5. What is strange about the bullet with which Stile is shot at the end of Chapter 11?

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