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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How old is the Citizen who defeats Stile in the eleventh round of the Tourney?
(a) Fifteen.
(b) Twelve.
(c) Twenty-one.
(d) Seventeen.

2. What is the result of the solo performances in Round Seven?
(a) Clef wins.
(b) A draw.
(c) There are no solo performances.
(d) Stile wins.

3. What did the former Brown Adept exchange for an amulet from the Red Adept?
(a) Help with a quest.
(b) A magical flute.
(c) A wooden golem.
(d) A book of spells.

4. What are the results of the spell Stile puts on Neysa at the beginning of Chapter 11?
(a) She is able to track both Stile and the Red Adept.
(b) She is able to see through the demons' disguises.
(c) She is transformed into a knapsack.
(d) She is invisible and lightweight.

5. What oath does Stile make in Chapter 8?
(a) He swears to kill whoever is responsible for the deaths of Stile's alternate self and Hulk.
(b) He swears never to return to Phaze.
(c) He swears never to return to Proton.
(d) He swears to find the person who set him up to lose in the Tourney.

6. Against what does Stile spell himself, in Chapter 10, to protect himself?
(a) Being strangled.
(b) Being detected.
(c) Being beheaded.
(d) Being dismembered.

7. Why does Vodlevile's son become upset with Stile in Chapter 10?
(a) Because Stile refuses to allow him to taste Stile's blood.
(b) Because Stile is stubbornly insisting on going on a dangerous mission.
(c) Because Stile's potion did not cure his illness.
(d) Because Stile tells him that he does not want to be repaid for helping him.

8. Who reports to Stile that the Red Adept has shown up in the Tourney?
(a) Neysa.
(b) Sheen.
(c) Lady Blue.
(d) The Herd Stallion.

9. What happens when Stile and Sheen nearly crash into the Red Adept's vehicle in Chapter 11?
(a) Neither Sheen nor Stile are ejected.
(b) Sheen ejects Stile, but not herself.
(c) Sheen ejects herself, but not Stile.
(d) Both Sheen and Stile are ejected.

10. Who are the witnesses for Stile and Lady Blue's wedding ceremony?
(a) Neysa and Clef.
(b) Hulk and Bluette.
(c) Neysa and the werewolves.
(d) Neysa and the Herd Stallion.

11. What agreement do Stile and the Red Adept make before they fight?
(a) Whoever survives will pursue their common enemy.
(b) They will not use regular weapons, only magic.
(c) They will use no magic, only regular weapons.
(d) They will not kill one another.

12. How does Stile win Round Twelve?
(a) Stile does not win, the Red Adept does.
(b) The audience chooses Stile as the winner.
(c) The judges choose Stile as the winner.
(d) The Red Adept is disqualified.

13. What is Stile doing as he emerges in Phaze in Chapter 8?
(a) Playing the flute.
(b) Trying to rescue Sheen.
(c) Talking to Bluette.
(d) Running full speed away from something.

14. What injury does Hulk suffer at the end of Chapter 7?
(a) A broken neck.
(b) A broken leg.
(c) An infected wound.
(d) A gunshot.

15. What explanation does Stile give to Lady Blue for why they cannot have children yet at the beginning of Chapter 10?
(a) The Prophecy stated that he would not have children until after he completed his quest.
(b) Stile does not have time to start a family, until after he finishes his mission.
(c) He cannot die until they have a child, so if she is not yet pregnant when he leaves, he will be safe until he returns.
(d) He needs her help, and it would be too dangerous for her if she were pregnant.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was Sheen sent to Stile?

2. What almost happens as Stile emerges in Phaze in Chapter 8?

3. Where is the Red Adept when Stile first finds her in Chapter 11?

4. What does Clef decide to do at the end of Chapter 9?

5. Whom does Neysa summon to protect Lady Blue while Stile is gone in Chapter 8?

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