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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What object does Stile need to defeat the Herd Stallion?
(a) An invisibility cloak.
(b) A platinum flute.
(c) A magic sword.
(d) A golden harp.

2. Who is the unicorn who helps Lady Blue search for her lost foal?
(a) Jezebel.
(b) Nala.
(c) Lariah.
(d) Hinny.

3. Why does Stile return to Phaze at the end of Chapter 5?
(a) To regain his strength for the next round of the Tourney.
(b) To duel the Herd Stallion.
(c) To check up on Lady Blue.
(d) To see if Hulk has returned yet.

4. What two literary genres are blended in this novel?
(a) Adventure and non-fiction.
(b) Fantasy and adventure.
(c) Non-fiction and science fiction.
(d) Science fiction and fantasy.

5. Which of the contests is difficult to judge, in the Unolympics?
(a) The cooking contest.
(b) The strength contest.
(c) The archery contest.
(d) The music contest.

6. How long are Stile and Sheen given to escape in Chapter 5?
(a) Three minutes.
(b) One minute.
(c) Two minutes.
(d) Four minutes.

7. What is needed to help Vodlevile's son?
(a) A potion.
(b) A magical instrument.
(c) Unicorn blood.
(d) The staff of a healing magician.

8. Why is Stile unhappy about fighting his first opponent in the Tourney?
(a) Stile does not feel that he has a chance to win because his opponent is much more experienced.
(b) Stile's opponent outranks him in Proton society, and Stile will be unpopular if he wins.
(c) Stile must use magic to fight him, which Lady Blue does not want him to do.
(d) His opponent is already a Citizen, and therefore has nothing to gain or lose by fighting him.

9. What are the two frames in which Stile exists?
(a) Phaze and Luna.
(b) Earth and Phaze.
(c) Proton and Earth.
(d) Phaze and Proton.

10. Why does Stile yield the victory to the Herd Stallion in their duel?
(a) Because he does not want the Herd Stallion to lose face in front of the herd.
(b) Because he wants to maintain his relationship with Neysa, and to do so he needs the Herd Stallion's blessing.
(c) Because he realizes the Herd Stallion did him a favor by not injuring him.
(d) Because he knows that the Herd Stallion can make things very difficult for him.

11. What is the relationship between Neysa and Stile?
(a) Neysa is Stile's sister in this frame.
(b) Stile is in love with Neysa, but she does not feel the same way.
(c) They are lovers.
(d) They were originally lovers, but are now oath-friends.

12. Where does Stile bring Sheen when she is injured in Chapter 5?
(a) Phaze.
(b) His home in Proton.
(c) A doctor.
(d) A repair shop.

13. What happened to Stile that ended his career?
(a) His reputation was ruined by a scandal.
(b) His knees were lasered.
(c) He murdered someone.
(d) His back was broken.

14. What is the first foundation of Lady Blue's love for the Blue Adept?
(a) Magic.
(b) Power.
(c) Music.
(d) Compassion.

15. What conditions does Stile place upon the deal he makes with the Yellow Adept?
(a) The magical harmonica can only be used in emergencies.
(b) He will offer his services, as long as he is still alive, and it does not violate his ethics to do so.
(c) Hulk will guard the Yellow Adept, but remains loyal to Stile, and will guard Stile anytime he needs it.
(d) Neysa can be used as a mount, but only if she is ridden gently and cared for well.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Stile go, at the beginning of Chapter 3?

2. When they hide from the Citizen's security system, in Chapter 5, where do Sheen and Stile find themselves?

3. What does Stile dislike about himself, compared to the other serfs?

4. Why are there some unknown Adepts?

5. Who is Hulk?

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