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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Stile yield the victory to the Herd Stallion in their duel?
(a) Because he knows that the Herd Stallion can make things very difficult for him.
(b) Because he wants to maintain his relationship with Neysa, and to do so he needs the Herd Stallion's blessing.
(c) Because he does not want the Herd Stallion to lose face in front of the herd.
(d) Because he realizes the Herd Stallion did him a favor by not injuring him.

2. What village suffered a troll attack, with only one survivor, ten years before Lady Blue's first adventure?
(a) Justify.
(b) Dack.
(c) Caralar.
(d) Bront.

3. What happens to Hinny when Lady Blue is young?
(a) She is killed by snow demons.
(b) She is made a part of the Blue Stallion's herd.
(c) She is attacked by jackals, and she dies while pregnant.
(d) She is enslaved by the Red Adept.

4. What does Sheen suggest Stile do in Chapter 3?
(a) Try to avoid meeting the Herd Stallion's challenge.
(b) Search for Lady Blue in Proton.
(c) Attempt to establish contact with Neysa across the frame border.
(d) Get plenty of rest, and try to figure things out in the morning.

5. What type of mythical creature is Peg?
(a) A cyclops.
(b) A satyr.
(c) A winged horse.
(d) A centaur.

6. Whom does Vodlevile meet and help in Chapter 4?
(a) Neysa.
(b) Lady Blue.
(c) Stile.
(d) Hulk.

7. Stile and Sheen realize, in Chapter 5, that the Citizen they went to visit was really whom?
(a) Satan.
(b) Moses.
(c) Jesus.
(d) God.

8. Who makes most metal instruments, weapons, and other implements?
(a) The Dwarves.
(b) The Little People.
(c) The Satyrs.
(d) The Orcs.

9. What does Sheen ask of Stile in Chapter 5?
(a) Sheen asks Stile to let her accompany him on his quest, because it is dangerous.
(b) Sheen asks Stile to junk her if he ever decides to forsake her as a mistress.
(c) Sheen asks Stile to swear an oath to her, and become her oath-friend.
(d) Sheen asks Stile to bring her back to Phaze with him.

10. What changes occur in Stile's relationship with Neysa, at the end of Chapter 1?
(a) They decide not to have any contact with one another, for the sake of the herd.
(b) They decide not to continue their sexual relationship, but remain oath-friends.
(c) They decide that Neysa will act as Stile's guardian, but they will no longer have a romantic or sexual relationship.
(d) They agree to continue with their romantic relationship, regardless of what the Herd Stallion says.

11. What is odd about Vodlevile's son, when he is compared to others like him?
(a) He cannot fly.
(b) He is allergic to blood.
(c) He has no hair anywhere on his body.
(d) He is not good at hunting.

12. Why does the Herd Stallion agree to postpone Neysa's breeding, even though he beat Stile?
(a) Because he respects Stile for not using magic to beat him.
(b) Because he really wanted to postpone it anyway.
(c) Because he knows that Neysa will go anyway, with or without his permission.
(d) Because he realizes he has no other choice.

13. What sport does Stile play during the first round of the Tourney?
(a) Baseball.
(b) Soccer.
(c) Hockey.
(d) Football.

14. Why did Lady Blue's companion, in Chapter 2, become an enchanter?
(a) Because he wanted to have enough power to exact revenge on his enemies.
(b) Because he needed to be able to protect himself.
(c) Because his father was an enchanter, and so was his grandfather.
(d) Because only magic could restore the balance which had been lost.

15. Whom does Stile face in the second round of the Tourney?
(a) A young female.
(b) A young male.
(c) An older male.
(d) An older female.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Stile offer in trade for the item that will save Vodlevile's son?

2. What ceremonious gesture occurs between Stile and the Herd Stallion at the beginning of their duel?

3. What spells does Stile put on himself while traveling with Neysa?

4. What is the first foundation of Lady Blue's love for the Blue Adept?

5. What private wager does Stile's opponent offer him in Chapter 3?

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