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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 10: Red.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Lady Blue's companion save them from the natural disaster?
(a) By causing the stone to turn to mud.
(b) By sitting in a tree, high above the ground.
(c) By huddling in a cave until the storm is over.
(d) By causing the snow to melt into water.

2. What do Stile and Neysa find upon entering the Red Castle?
(a) The Brown Adept, bound and gagged.
(b) A carnival.
(c) A caged liger.
(d) Hulk and Bluette.

3. What ceremonious gesture occurs between Stile and the Herd Stallion at the beginning of their duel?
(a) They cross weapons.
(b) They bow to one another.
(c) They circle, studying one another.
(d) They shake hands.

4. What type of mythical creature is Thistlepuff?
(a) A dwarf.
(b) A fairy.
(c) A unicorn.
(d) An elf.

5. Whom does Stile face in the third round of the Tourney?
(a) Noh.
(b) The Rifleman.
(c) The Yellow Adept.
(d) Hella.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Stile decide to stop using magic when he is in the Red Adept's castle?

2. For what purpose does Stile use his magic during the contest with the Herd Stallion?

3. In what competition do Neysa and Clip compete, at the Unolympics?

4. What is needed to help Vodlevile's son?

5. What happened to Lady Blue's foal, according to the Snow Horse?

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