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This is the setting for the first half of the novel, and is filled with mythical creatures.


This is the setting for the other half of the novel, and is full of androids.

Blue Demesnes

This is the protagonist's castle-like home.

Red Demesnes

This is the home of the protagonist's adversary.


This is a competition, for which the ultimate prize is Citizenship.


This is an annual competition held by the unicorns, where the protagonist receives a challenge.

Platinum Flute

This object allows the possessor to retain magical abilities even in magic-nullifying circumstances.

Blue Adept's Harmonica

This object, formerly owned by the protagonist's alternate self, helps the protagonist to summon his magic.


This is a term for a special connection between two beings.

Thee, Thee, Thee Oath

This phrase is used to express love without a sense of commitment from the other party.


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