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Lesson 1 (from Chapter 1: Unicorn)


Chapter 1: Unicorn

"Blue Adept" is a novel which attempts to blend the two genres of science fiction and fantasy, while maintaining a strict demarcation between the two. The objective of this lesson is to discuss whether this technique is effective, and why.


1) Genres - The author combines two genres. Discuss, with the class what a genre is and how it relates to the "frames" between which Stile travels.

2) Writing Assignment - In one to two paragraphs, have students answer the following questions: What two genres of fiction does the author combine in this novel? How does he differentiate between the two?

3) Group Discussion - How effective is the author's attempt to blend the two genres, and why? Do you think there is anything that he should have done differently? Why?

4) Discussion - Do you think that the author should have stuck with one of the...

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