Blue Adept Character Descriptions

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This character is a serf fighting for Citizenship in the Tourney in Proton.

Lady Blue

This character never confuses her deceased husband for his alternate self, though the two are identical.


This character protects the protagonist from danger during his adventures and is his oath-friend.


This character is sent by an anonymous citizen to protect the protagonist from an anonymous enemy.


This character acts as the protagonist's bodyguard, and later is killed in a trap set for him.

First Blue Adept

This character was killed by a strangling amulet.

Red Adept

This character is revealed to be the protagonist's anonymous enemy.


This character is a vampire who helps the protagonist on his journey.

Herd Stallion

This character issues a challenge to the protagonist and wins, thereby restoring the pride he lost during their first encounter.


This character never appears in person, but...

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