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Chapter 1: Unicorn

• Stile travels between two frames, Proton and Phaze, to hunt down and eliminate an unknown adversary who murdered his alternate self, the Blue Adept.

• Clip, a male unicorn, informs his sister Neysa that she has been chosen to breed with the Herd Stallion. He is surprised that she is not excited, but Lady Blue, the Blue Adept's widow, explains that Neysa feels a duty to protect Stile, and is reluctant to leave him.

• Stile goes to talk to the Herd Stallion to try to postpone breeding, and asks Hulk to guard Lady Blue while he is gone.

• Stile rides Neysa, and puts spells on himself so that he will be invisible and weightless, so as not to inconvenience her.
• In her human form, Neysa was Stile's lover, but they became oath-friends after Stile met and fell in love with Lady Blue. Now she serves as his...

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