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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Abstracts.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who does the young wife say she will fling herself on the mercy of?
(a) Her husband
(b) The police
(c) The local fishermen
(d) The gendarmerie

2. How does the young wife describe the keys her husband gives her?
(a) Like a jailers death warrant
(b) Huge, ancient things of black iron
(c) Like the keys to the dampest, dirtiest rooms in France
(d) Tiny, newly cut things of steel

3. What does the young wife call her husband?
(a) A libertine
(b) A womaniser
(c) The son of satan
(d) A poor lover

4. Where does the young wife find a photograph of her husband's last wife?
(a) In her husband's wallet
(b) A newspaper
(c) A society magazine
(d) On the back of a milk carton

5. What does the young wife decide the house needs?
(a) Love! More love
(b) People
(c) A swimming pool
(d) Lights! More lights

Short Answer Questions

1. What city does the young wife come from?

2. Who does the cigar remind the young girl of?

3. Who does the young see in the iron maiden?

4. What language does the housekeeper speak?

5. What does the young wife say she needs to continue her music studies?

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