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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Jean-Claude say is the reason that Serephina hasn't paved the road that leads to her house?
(a) They drive in another way.
(b) It is her moat.
(c) She mainly takes her helicopter and private jets.
(d) She doesn't plan on staying.

2. What does Anita say she will take as an apology in the end of Chapter 26?
(a) If she can get answers about Xavier.
(b) If the two girls can go home unharmed.
(c) If they can get Jeff Quinlan back.
(d) If Janos is killed.

3. What does Anita say when asked if she thinks that she is a monster in Chapter 28?
(a) Yes.
(b) She isn't sure.
(c) Not.
(d) Sometimes.

4. What happens when Jean-Claude asks for his coffin back?
(a) Ivy brings out an old rusty urn with ashes.
(b) Serephina tells him it is payment for his trespassing.
(c) Janos brings out a bag of splinters.
(d) Serephina explains that it has bee shipped to Russia.

5. What does Ivy tell Jean-Claude that vampires aren't supposed to be able to do?
(a) Capture another vampire with their gaze.
(b) Walk around in the day light.
(c) Fall in love.
(d) Turn into bats.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jean-Claude say it means in the end of Chapter 24 when a different vampire comes into the basement?

2. Why does Anita say that the Bouviers' have waved their attorney being present?

3. What does Magnus say will happen if Anita raises the dead from the hillside for Stirling?

4. What does Jean-Claude say is one of the reasons that Serephina wants Anita?

5. What does Anita say she plans on doing to Serephina in Chapter 31 when Larry asks?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Anita's dream in Chapter 31.

2. What does Xavier tell Anita in Chapter 38 after he has helped to kill Bloody Bones?

3. Describe the conversation that Dorcas and Anita have in Chapter 21.

4. Describe the scene in Chapter 27 when Serephina first tries to get Anita to come willingly into her arms.

5. Describe what happens between Ivy and Jean-Claude in the beginning of Chapter 24 when they have first arrived at Serephina's house.

6. What happens when Anita wakes up in Chapter 39?

7. Describe the scene where the gas trucks begin pumping gasoline into the Bloody Bones bar and grill.

8. What do Anita, Larry, and Dorcas find when they reach the mound where Bloody Bones is imprisoned?

9. What do Larry and Anita discuss in the beginning of Chapter 28 after Larry tells Anita that it was him that had killed the vampire Bruce?

10. What happens in the end of Chapter 38?

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