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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Anita use to kill Ivy?
(a) Larry's gun.
(b) A hatchet.
(c) Her necklace.
(d) A machete.

2. Why does Stirling say he wanted Bloody Bones free?
(a) The creature offered him power.
(b) Stirling works for Serephina.
(c) The creature is a cousin of his.
(d) The creature offered him all of the Bouvier lands.

3. Why does Anita say that master vampires don't talk to cops?
(a) They feel they are above human law.
(b) Too many years of cops shooting them on site.
(c) They just aren't social butterflies.
(d) It goes against their rules.

4. Why does Jean-Claude say that he is confident of the level of Serephina's powers?
(a) A vampire's powers are established at about two or three centuries.
(b) She never was very powerful.
(c) He has been talking to some of Serephina's consorts.
(d) She was a different kind of vampire than he is.

5. What does Anita use to get Ivy off of her in Chapter 34?
(a) A jagged femur bone in the mud.
(b) A wooden stake.
(c) A spell.
(d) Her crucifix.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why is it explained that Serephina wants to ask Anita's forgiveness?

2. What does Larry's zombie bag have on it?

3. What does Anita tell Serephina when she tells Anita that she they will live forever together and that she will be Anita's mother?

4. What does Jean-Claude say is the only true way to kill vampires like Janos that can turn into rotting corpses?

5. Why does Dorcas say that her ancestry imprisoned Bloody Bones?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the basement in Chapter 24.

2. Describe what happens in the beginning of Chapter 26 when the fighting begins.

3. What does Anita do when she realizes that Jean-Claude isn't breathing and that his heart isn't beating?

4. What happens in Chapter 27 when Anita and the others walk outside to meet Serephina for the first time?

5. Describe the scene where the gas trucks begin pumping gasoline into the Bloody Bones bar and grill.

6. What happens in Chapter 26 when Magnus comes in with a flag of truce?

7. Describe what happens when Anita sees that Jean-Claude is not going to win the fight against Janos.

8. In Chapter 29 what does Jean-Claude tell Anita about his past and when he first became a vampire?

9. What does Anita see when she watches Jean-Claude as the sun rises?

10. What do Larry and Anita discuss in the beginning of Chapter 28 after Larry tells Anita that it was him that had killed the vampire Bruce?

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