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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What unique ability does Jean-Claude say that Serephina has?
(a) To become invisible.
(b) To transform.
(c) To call ghosts.
(d) To be able to go out in daylight once every month.

2. What does Larry ask when Anita says that killing a vampire is not the same as killing a human?
(a) Didn't she say she would never lie to him?
(b) Is that her personal opinion?
(c) How many corpses has she given CPR to lately?
(d) Did she get that out of a manual?

3. What does Jean-Claude say may happen if Serephina drinks from Bloody Bones in Chapter 38?
(a) The crosses may no longer work.
(b) It may make her invincible.
(c) It may make her immune to daylight.
(d) He isn't sure but knows it won't be good.

4. What does Anita tell Janos in Chapter 25 when he asks her if their entertainment is so boring?
(a) Yes.
(b) That they are deciding to kill them now or later.
(c) It's getting better by the moment.
(d) That they have seen better parties.

5. What happens when Jean-Claude asks for his coffin back?
(a) Ivy brings out an old rusty urn with ashes.
(b) Serephina tells him it is payment for his trespassing.
(c) Janos brings out a bag of splinters.
(d) Serephina explains that it has bee shipped to Russia.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Magnus say is in the other coffin in the Bloody Bones bar?

2. What does Jean-Claude say when Anita tells him that Serephina wants to drink from her and Bloody Bones in order to be immortal?

3. Where does Dorcas say that Bloody Bones is now kept?

4. What is Jason doing after Janos has left the room?

5. What does Jean-Claude say is one of the reasons that Serephina wants Anita?

Short Essay Questions

1. Explain where Serephina lives as Anita sees it when they first arrive in Chapter 23?

2. Describe the scene in Chapter 27 when Serephina first tries to get Anita to come willingly into her arms.

3. What does Magnus explain to Anita about the reason that Serephina wants him?

4. What happens after Stirling has guns pointed at Anita?

5. What happens when Bloody Bones appears in Chapter 38?

6. What does Anita see when she watches Jean-Claude as the sun rises?

7. What does Jean-Claude tell Anita might happen when they go to see the Master Vampire as he describes it in the beginning of Chapter 22?

8. What happens in the end of Chapter 38?

9. What happens in Chapter 27 when Anita and the others walk outside to meet Serephina for the first time?

10. What do Anita, Larry, and Dorcas find when they reach the mound where Bloody Bones is imprisoned?

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