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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What had Ellie been studying before she was killed?
(a) Botany.
(b) Anatomy and Physiology.
(c) Calculus.
(d) Chemistry.

2. What does Larry say when Anita asks him if he is enjoying the fact that she is scared of the helicopter ride in Chapter 3?
(a) He has a funny feeling about this situation and hasn't noticed her fear.
(b) He doesn't get to see her out of her element often.
(c) Not at all.
(d) She is making him nervous the way she is acting.

3. Why does Anita say tat vampires tend to stay near cities?
(a) They can hide their victims better.
(b) They can blend into cities easier.
(c) There is less scrutiny against them in the cities.
(d) They develop large enterprises in cities.

4. Why does Anita ask Jeff to show her the other doors in the house?
(a) So she can snoop around the Quinlan home.
(b) So his father will have a minute to calm down.
(c) So she can find where the vampire entered.
(d) So she can talk to Jeff alone.

5. When Anita first arrives at the murder scene in Chapter 11 what strikes her odd about the scene?
(a) That the family seems very calm and happy.
(b) How silent it is.
(c) That the news crews are no where around.
(d) That there is only one policeman there.

Short Answer Questions

1. Once on top of the hill what does Stirling ask Anita to do?

2. In Chapter 8 what does Anita asks Larry if he wants to do?

3. What does Richard ask when Anita tells him she has to go out of town on business in Chapter 2?

4. What does Stirling say he knows about the Bouviers?

5. What does Anita notice about the blond haired boy's eyes in Chapter 7?

Short Essay Questions

1. What happens while Anita is reading the dead in Chapter 17?

2. What do Anita and Larry find while they are driving to Bloody Bones restaurant?

3. Describe the conversation that Freemont and Anita have in Chapter 16.

4. What does Anita find when they arrive back at the Quinlan home in Chapter 15?

5. Describe the relationship that Anita has with Richard Zeeman.

6. What does Bayard have to say when he comes to see Anita in Chapter 18?

7. What do the Quinlan's and Anita discuss in regards to Ellie in Chapter 12?

8. What is Anita worried about after hearing Larry explain who he is more afraid of in chapter nineteen and what does she tell him?

9. In the beginning of Chapter 6 what do Larry and Anita discuss in regards to the rules of being at a crime scene for Larry to follow?

10. Describe the scene in the helicopter in Chapter 3.

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