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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Anita admit later is the real reason that the vampires are willing to talk to her?
(a) Her uncle is a vampire.
(b) She does favors for the vampires.
(c) She advocates for the vampires in court.
(d) The Master of the City of St. Louis likes Anita.

2. What does Dolph say when Anita tells him she can't be at the murder scene soon?
(a) She needs to figure it out.
(b) He is flying the body out to her.
(c) He understands.
(d) The scene is near her.

3. What does Larry say should be against the rules when Anita tells him about the vampire that Jean-Claude told her about?
(a) The world to work this way.
(b) Obeying any laws that allow Jeff Quinlan to stay with a pedophile.
(c) Turning someone with those tendencies.
(d) Someone being more than one kind of monster at a time.

4. What does Magnus tell Anita he had thought would happen?
(a) He thought she would realize what a horrible man Stirling is.
(b) He thought she would secure a human sacrifice.
(c) He thought the lawyers would have stopped it before it got to this point.
(d) He thought she would try to raise the dead and fail.

5. What does Larry say when Anita tells him he can go stand with Mr. Stirling if he can stand it in Chapter 17?
(a) Someone needs to go hold Stirling's hand.
(b) He schmoozes clients better than Anita does.
(c) He needs to sooth the nerves Anita has frayed any ways.
(d) He can stand it for a moment or two.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Anita see on Wallace's neck?

2. What advantage does Anita say she has over the average homicide detective?

3. What does Magnus tell Anita when she asks if he is a vegetarian?

4. Why does Freemont say that she is certain that Magnus is guilty in Chapter 16?

5. What does Larry say when Anita asks him if he trusts Stirling?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Wallace tell Anita about his first partner?

2. Describe the scene in the helicopter in Chapter 3.

3. What does Bayard have to say when he comes to see Anita in Chapter 18?

4. Describe the bodies that are described at the crime scene in Chapter 7.

5. Describe the conversation that Anita and Bert have in Chapter 1 about the job he is planning to bid.

6. In Chapter 13 what does Jeff tell Anita and Larry about Andy when they talk to Jeff in his room?

7. What does Anita find when they arrive back at the Quinlan home in Chapter 15?

8. What does Stirling say to Anita in Chapter 5 while they are alone on the top of the mountain?

9. In the beginning of Chapter 6 what do Larry and Anita discuss in regards to the rules of being at a crime scene for Larry to follow?

10. What does Anita say to Jean-Claude when she calls him on the phone in Chapter 16?

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