Bloody Bones Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Describe the conversation that Anita and Bert have in Chapter 1 about the job he is planning to bid.

Bert shows Anita the pictures of the mass grave and asks her if she could raise them. She says that it is possibility and that she doesn't think that anyone could do it any better than her and only her and two others could do it without a human sacrifice. Bert says since they are the only ones that can do the job he is going to give a very high bid. Anita continues to tell him that she is not sure she can do this but she is willing to try.

2. Describe the relationship that Anita has with Richard Zeeman.

Richard is a werewolf and he and Anita care for each other. They have not had sex although Anita wants to. She is also dating a vampire who is forcing her to date him or else he is going to kill Richard. Richard knows that anything he does to Anita the vampire is allowed to do so they have kept themselves from doing anything more than holding hands and kissing. Anita knows that they are to the point of deciding what they are going to do to.

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