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The city in Missouri where Anita is called to raise the dead from a cemetery that has been overrun with construction equipment.

Bloody Bones

The bar that is owned by Magnus Bouvier and his sister Dorcas. This is also the name of the creature that the Bouvier family is forced to watch and take care of.

Animators, Inc.

The company for which Anita works. This company contracts Anita and others to raise the dead.

Beadle, Beadle, Stirling and Lowenstein

The development firm that hires Anita to raise the dead from the cemetery on top of the mountain, hoping to prove that the Bouvier family does not own the land.

Monkey's Eyebrow

The small town outside of the city where the Quinlan family lives.


The ability that fairies have to entrance people, making them think and believe certain things.

Daoine Sidhe

High court of fey creatures that...

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