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Chapters 1-5

• Anita's boss bids a job where Anita is supposed to raise a mass cemetery and ask the people what their name is to establish ownership of the Land.

• Anita goes to see her boyfriend and tell him goodbye although she knows that she may have to end their relationship soon because of the vampire that has threatened to kill him.

• Anita meets Mr. Stirling who tries to bully Anita and then bribe her to say the bodies are not those of the Bouvier family.

• Anita is called by the police to consult on a case in which a body is found that has been cut up and pieces are missing.

Chapters 6-10

• Anita and Larry drive out to the crime scene.

• Anita determines that the killer was faster than a vampire and used a sword to kill the three boys.

• Freemont eventually admits that these are...

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