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Short Answer Questions

1. Who says, "He's down there stretched out, with his eyeballs bulging..."?

2. Who is described as "fresh as a dahlia"?

3. What is the mother describing in the following text: "They let them eat there, and smoke, and make music if they want to!"?

4. Where does Leonardo tell his wife he has been going on his horse in Scene 2?

5. What question does Leonardo's wife ask him that makes him angry?

Short Essay Questions

1. What case does the bride want to make to the mother after the two men have died?

2. What do the mother and her neighbor talk about when they first enter the house after they have learned of the son's death?

3. Describe the encounter between the girls and the beggar woman when she first arrives at the house in Act 3, Scene 2.

4. How does the bride react after the servant tells her that a man on a horse was at her window?

5. Describe the mourning scene at the end of the play.

6. What do Leonardo and his wife argue about before leaving for the church?

7. Why does the mother ask her son if he's wearing a watch after they arrive at his bride's home?

8. What reasons does Leonardo give his wife for going to the blacksmith so frequently?

9. How does the mother-in-law tell her daughter to mourn Leonardo?

10. What does the mother-in-law talk to her daughter about when they arrive at the house after the deaths of Leonardo and the son?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Discuss the role of anger in the play. Which characters show the most anger and what are the motivations behind it?

Essay Topic 2

In the play, both the bride and Leonardo show similar reactions to the bride and son's impending wedding. What is this reaction? What is the author's intent of portraying such similar reactions between these two characters?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss the irony of Leonardo's betrayal of his wife. What are the possible permanent repercussions she must deal with because of her husband's choices?

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