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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the author of the play?
(a) Garcia Lopez.
(b) Federico Munez.
(c) Paul Luis Manuel.
(d) Federico Garcia Lorca.

2. Of the items the mother mentions her husband grew, which one "dried up"?
(a) His trees.
(b) The bushes.
(c) His flowers.
(d) The Juniper plant.

3. What reason does the son give his mother to explain why there are no trees on his bride's land?
(a) They do not know how to plant trees.
(b) There is no man to plant trees.
(c) They don't want trees.
(d) It's dry.

4. What reason does the mother give for a dish of salt being included in a coffin?
(a) To prevent the body from swelling in the heat.
(b) As a sign of faith.
(c) To prevent smell.
(d) To symbolize heaven.

5. How does the lullaby sung by Leonardo's wife and mother-in-law begin?
(a) Be quiet sweet one.
(b) Sleep little baby.
(c) Sweet dreams little one.
(d) Hush, baby, hush.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which weapon does the mother not mention in her rant?

2. How old is Leonardo when the mother's husband and son are killed?

3. What is the family name of the men who kill the mother's husband and son?

4. What is the neighbor wearing on her head when she comes to visit the mother?

5. When does the mother say her son and the bride's father can join their land?

Short Essay Questions

1. What reasons do the mother and son give to the bride's father when he asks why they took the long way around to his home?

2. What reasons does Leonardo give his wife for being rude to the girl who tells them about the son buying gifts for the bride?

3. What does the mother say about the day her other son died?

4. What reasons does Leonardo give his wife for going to the blacksmith so frequently?

5. After the wife shows surprise at hearing that Leonardo has been taking his horse across the plain, how does Leonardo react towards her?

6. How does the servant describe to the bride's father how Leonardo and his wife arrived from the church after the wedding?

7. What questions does Leonardo asks the bride while they are hiding in the woods, and what does this say about their escape?

8. What are some of the positive things the father says about his daughter to the son and his mother when they first meet?

9. What item do the servant girls bother the bride about after the wedding and how does she react towards them?

10. What do the mother and her neighbor talk about when they first enter the house after they have learned of the son's death?

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